No One’s Son

No One's Son

No One's Son Tewodros Fekadu

Author: Tewodros Fekadu, Contributors: Foreword by Phillip Adams, Edited by Sidhe Kin-Wilde. Genre: Memoir, Size: 536 pages, Release date: October 2009

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In 1971, a boy is born out of wedlock into the crossfire of the Ethiopian/Eritrean civil war. These lands of legendary history are engulfed by one modern disaster after another as the last emperor is ousted, famine strikes, the communist dictator attempts to cull rebels through genocide, and the battle for independence continues.

Out of this chaos, Tewodros struggles for his own identity. Threaded with hope, determination and occasional mischief, his inward journey is as turbulent as his outward travels. His family flings him unwanted across borders and regions, into orphanages and finally onto the streets to starve – or die. At every turn, life deals him extremes: sometimes brutal, sometimes generous, but never the love he seeks. Through humour and wisdom, Tewodros faces more than seems possible in one lifetime.

His dramatic tale spans five countries, diverse cultures and torn dreams. How will he survive? Who will heed his cry for help when he escapes betrayal in his homeland, only to be incarcerated by politics in Japan? When insurmountable despair threatens to consume him at last, a glimmer of hope calls to his defiant heart.

“Teddy’s young life covers continents, cultures, ancient and urgent conflicts. We are double
fortunate that he has the gifts to describe them so vividly …”
Phillip Adams, columnist for The Australian

“Tewodros’ story is an affirmation of life and the indestructibility of one man’s will to make the
most of it.” Ian Wynne, author of The Pawn and Shadow by My Side

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