Johnny Clegg Australia Tour 2012

Johnny Clegg

Long before Paul Simon went to Graceland, Johnny Clegg flouted apartheid laws in South Africa by forming the seminal mixed-race band Juluka in the 1970s. Teaming with Sipho Mchunu. Johnny’s sensational cross-cultural concept established the template for fusing Western pop with Zulu rhythms – English vocals fixed to an African heartbeat.

Interview with Africanoz
AfricanOZ caught up with Johnny Clegg to tell us about his music.

<strong>1)What has inspired you to keep making such fantastic music in South Africa for over 30 years?</strong>
I make cross –over music so I am fascinated by different kinds of mixtures possible from the entire musical culture of the world. That is the main impetus to write, a natural curiosity with hybrid music.

<strong>2) What attracted you to Zulu music and culture? What was this like during the apartheid era?</strong>
 The Zulu street guitar tradition and Zulu war dancing. Both are intensely unique but also in themselves, have been influenced by other music and dance styles.

<strong>3) What is your current charity work? How can people in Australia get involved?</strong>
I do education and aids charity work here in South Africa. On our Canadian tour last year I raised funds for World Vision who sold their wares at my shows and I endorse their cause from stage and asked the audience support their work. As I am not a permanent patron of any single charity   and do one- off support shows, it’s hard to get involvement from international fans for that specific show. There are charities that I support as JC in my personal capacity like the Starfish Foundation for Aids Orphans here in SA.

<strong>4) Are we expecting a new CD in 2012? What are your plans?</strong>

I am not releasing a new CD in 2012 as I have to still promote the last one in OZ.

<strong>5) When you’re away from South Africa what do u miss most about the country?</strong>
The fact that there are no guarantees   and each day needs to be negotiated on its own terms.

<strong>JOHNNY CLEGG TOUR DATES</strong>
Melbourne: Saturday 10th March, 2012
Palais Theatre – Bookings: 136 100 <a href=”www.ticketmaster.com.auhttp://www.ticketmaster.com.au/”>www.ticketmaster.com.au</a>

Adelaide: Monday 12th March, 2012
WOMADelaide 2012 – Bookings: <a href=”www.womadelaide.com.auhttp://www.womadelaide.com.au/”>www.womadelaide.com.au</a>

Perth: Tuesday 13th March, 2012
Burswood Theatre – Bookings: 132 849 <a href=”www.ticketek.com.auhttp://www.ticketek.com.au/”>www.ticketek.com.au</a>

Sydney: Thursday 15th March, 2012
Enmore Theatre – Bookings: 132 849 <a href=”www.ticketek.com.auhttp://www.ticketek.com.au/”>www.ticketek.com.au</a>

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