ABC TV’s science series, Catalyst, is filming a special episode about the largest organ in the body – Skin!

We’re looking for teenagers, middle aged and older aged individuals who are happy to speak candidly about their skin. All you need is honesty and a sense of humour.

We’ll be asking questions like;

Describe your skin?

Have you treated your skin well over the years?

What do you think is the most damaging thing for your skin?

What skin treatments do you use/have used?

What are your thoughts on botox and fillers?

Have you used them? Would you?

Are you happy in your own skin?

We’d like your comments to be honest but also a bit of fun.

Filming will take place at our ABC studios in Ultimo, Sydney on July 4th.

Contact Dominique Pile on (02) 8333 5348 or email pile.dominique[at]abc.net.au  for more info.

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