Christopher Rimmer – Photo Exhibition

Christopher Rimmer – Spirits Speak – Without Pier Gallery, 417 Hampton Street, Hampton, Victoria. 15 – 30 June, 2012. (tra

Melbourne based, South African photographer, Christopher Rimmer traversed the length and breadth of his former homeland and returns with a stunning body of 30 detailed photographic works that intimately depict majestic wildlife and proud indigenous peoples.

Christopher Rimmer

The starkly beautiful landscape, the pride of the cattle herding Himba, Herero and Zimba people, and the stunning and diverse wildlife – lions, elephants, giraffes and zebras – are brought to life in Rimmer’s striking, large scale, monochrome prints. They provide an intimate insight into southern Africa’s soul and demonstrate why he was recently short-listed for British magazine B&W Photographer of the Year.

The exhibitions are visual documentation of the world Rimmer experienced in the African bush during his return to his former homeland in 2009.

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April/May (Autumn Issue) 2011



By: Sean Bateman

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