Africa United DVD out on the 18th of July 2012

Africa United is a joyous comic adventure that takes you on a road trip through the heart of Africa. Three Rwandan children set off to Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, to audition for the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup. But when they sneak onto a bus, their journey takes a wrong turn. Instead of arriving in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, they end up in the Congo. Lost in a new country, without papers, money or a believable story, they are taken to a children’s refugee camp. Armed with ingenuity, determination and blind optimism, they defy wild animals, the elements and gun-wielding thugs to travel 3,000 to the opening ceremony. Their travels – through Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa – reveal a side of Africa few people ever see. Africa United is a story of joy, laughter, hope and generosity… and, of course, football.

“A delightfully warm and uplifting tale of friendship, loyalty and seeking your destiny.”
– UK Screen

“A charming little family film with plenty to offer.” – Digital Spy

“Has enough charm, colour and humour to win us over by extra time.” – Film 4

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